About Us

Our mission is to make women feel their best, manufacture with integrity and use our profits for good.

Ethical Manufacturing

We manufacture right here in the Twin Cities, working with a small team of sewers who are wildly talented. 

Italian Recycled Fabric

 Our fabric is made in Italy out of 100% regenerated nylon fiber made from pre and post-consumer waste, like fishing nets, industrial plastics and plastic packaging waste.

We import by coordinating with others ordering fabric from Italy, so we minimize our global footprint. 

All female supply chain

We believe every business is responsible for their impact on the world. We chose to work with women across the globe and even for local events. We believe the future is female and everyone deserves their chance at making a difference.

Liz & Lu

Why we started this brand

As women who work hard in order to travel often, Liz and Lu could not believe how difficult it was to find a swimsuit that fit. Entering dressing rooms with 20+ pieces and walking out with nothing was a common occurrence. With passionate careers rooted in marketing and technology, Liz and Lu set out to build a brand that makes the best swimsuits for busty women and a stress-free shopping experience.